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The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country located in the eastern Himalayas between Tibet- China in the north and India in the south. Bhutan has a rugged and mountainous landscape with snowcapped peaks and glacier covered terrain in the north, spurs of the Himalayan peaks in the center and heavily forested foothills and subtropical plains in the south. The Kingdom of Bhutan covers a land area of 46,500 square kilometers. The country has a maximum latitudinal distance of 170 kilometers and maximum longitudinal distance of 300 kilometers. Bhutan is almost entirely mountainous with flat land limited to the meandering border river valleys. The land rises from approximately 300 meters above the sea level in the south to the towering Himalayan Mountains in the north of over 7,400 meters high.

Bhutan has an estimated population of 700,000 which is sparsely distributed throughout the country. There are three main ethnic groups in Bhutan; the Ngalungs (often called Drukpas) live in the north-western region and their ancestors migrated from Tibet, the Sharchops who inhabit the eastern and central region and derive from northern Burma and northeast India and lastly the Lhotshampas are the third ethnic group who live in the southern foothill districts and are of Nepali origin. The Bhutanese revere the tantric guru Padmasambhava the founder of Himalayan Buddhism in the 8th century. Bhutan has maintained a policy of strict isolationism, both culturally and economically and as a result the Bhutanese culture is one of the oldest (dating back to the mid 17th century) and well preserved cultures in the world. In fact it has only been in the recent decades of the 20th century that foreigners have been allowed to visit the country, and only in limited numbers.

Nepal Trekking Expedition (P).Ltd has extensive range of Bhutan Travel and sightseeing holidays have been developed to offer unlimited opportunities to enjoy the warmth of the Bhutanese people, the unique cultural heritage of Bhutan as well as the stunning mountain vistas and untouched wilderness regions of Bhutan. To fulfill your desire to visit Bhutan we have prepare best Bhutan tour and trekking package. Hope it will make you happy and memorable tour for your whole life.

» Bhutan Cultural Trip

Bhutan Cultural ToursDuration: 04 Days | Grade: Easy These short 4 and 5 days tours to Bhutan can be added on as a additional Nepal as flights to Bhutan, are available from Kathmandu. These tours will focus on the Kingdoms western valleys of Paro and Thimpu with an optional day-hike to the Taksang Monastery

» Bhutan West to East Trip

West to East Bhutan TourDuration: 15 Days | Grade: Easy Few westerners visit Bhutan's central Bumthang district with its four sacred valleys. Fewer still venture to far eastern Bhutan with its distinctive peoples, culture and its rich natural history. The 15-day tour offers a rare insight of the entire country of Bhutan including Paro,

» Central Bhutan Package Tour

Central Bhutan Tour PackageDuration: 12 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy This central Bhutan tour will take you deep into the heart of the beautiful Bumthang valley, considered the Switzerland of Bhutan. Our route crosses three high mountains passes: Dochula at 3100m, Pelela at 3300m and Yotongla, the highest at 3400m.

» Bhutan Dragon Trip

Bhutan Dragon TripDuration: 07 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy Bhutan Dragon tour, The Kingdom of Bhutan is a destination known to few, distant from the western world both geographically and in culture. Less than 6,000 foreigners traveled here last year, an amazingly low figure when you consider that this amount can

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