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Seti River Rafting

The seti Khola is another classic Nepal river coming from the Himalayas, winding its way through forested canyons and twisted rock and sandstone formations. This river where the famous Gurkha soldiers hail. The Seti Khola is a relaxing river with a lot of high action rapids. It offers great chances for swimming and wildlife spotting making it highly suitable for families and first timers. It is one of the most beautiful and pristine rivers in Nepal. You will get fun and enjoy very much on this river while rafting. You can raft this river in combination with a trip to Chitwan or Pokhara.

Departure Point: Kathmandu or Pokhara
Rafting put in: Damauli
Rafting take out: Narayanghat
Outward Travel Time: 4 1/2 Hours
River Grade: II to III
Return Travel Time: 4 Hours
Rafting Days: 2 Days
River Distance: 35 Kms.

Seti River Rafting Itierary

Day 01: We leave Kathmandu in the early morning and drive to Damauli, our put in point. After the rafts are rigged we will set off down the Seti Khola. We spend the whole day within its forested canyon. The luxuriant vegetation we see is a remnant of the vast forested area, which once covered the middle hills of Nepal.

Even now we are objects of curiosity to the villagers. Traveling by rafts is a perfect way to view undisturbed wildlife. When we stop for lunch we have time to explore, Photograph, bird watching, swim or relax. Later in the afternoon we encounter a small but technical rapid near the village of Saranghat. Inhabited by Magars, who are renowned for generations of service with the Gurkha forces Saranghat, is a colorful middle hills village. Our first night we will set up camp on a spacious beach below the village.

Day 02: After we have finished breakfast and repacked the raft, we will set off down the Seti.. Later we encounter the technical rapid grade 3 shortly after the rapid we leave Seti Khola and enter Trisuli River. Here the middle hills recede and the Terai plain opens before us. The Topography has changed dramatically. The twisted severe rock formations give away to sandstone and gavel deposited by antecedent rivers.

After lunch we have opportunity to visit a unique religious community, Devhgat . Each Year thousands of pilgrims visit the ashram to worship.

At this point Kali Gandaki joins the Trisuli River. The river now becomes the Narayani River. We float further down to a small town Narayanghat. Where we end our River trip.

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