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Tibet is indeed a very rich and beautiful land, located on the highest plateau on Earth at an average altitude over 4000 meter. It is nowadays the South west frontier of China. Within its borders there are more than fifteen peaks above 7000 m. among which eleven are over 8000m. It borders with Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Xinjiang; in the North, Nepal, India, Sikkim, Bhutan Burma and Kashmir form its Southern borders. The Tibet Autonomous Region with a population of over two million covers an area of 1.2 million sq. km.

Tibet has a long and complex history, written records have survived from the 7th Century A.D. however it is known that nomadic tribes populated Tibet as early as the 2nd Century B.C. and discoveries suggest a much longer history of human kind...More recent times have seen the invasion of China in 1959 and the inevitable dilution of Tibetan culture. Tibet however has proved over the years since, that its way of life has been able to withstand this influence. You can travel to Tibet throughout the year but mid July through to the end of September is the best time.

Expedition from Tibet side on Everest, Cho-Oyu, Shishapangma and other mountain have become more popular now days due to very reasonable price for royalty and all the expedition costs. Furthermore, the land transportation access to the base camp of these mountains has made Tibet expedition more popular for mountaineering. Simplified mountaineering rules and regulations for expedition in Tibet add more motivation to the mountaineers to full fill their dream to reach the summit of 8000 meter Himalayas in Tibet. So, our agency Nepal trekking and tour Pvt. Ltd have decided to operate the Tibet expedition trip for the following mountain such as North Col Everest Expedition, Cho Oyu expedition, Shishapangma expedition, Gurla Mandata, Nojin Kangsang, and Lhakpa Ri expeditions since 2001 A.D. and we have collected many more experience in this country arranging mentioned above trip making international expeditions for the every mountain. So, if you are interested to do expedition in Tibet in these above mountains then please just write your few words to us and make easy comunication. With the establishment of Tibet Mountaineering Association on June 8, 1982 it has been adhering to the principle of actively carrying out friendly relations with the mountain and mountaineering organizations in all provinces and municipalities of the Peoples Republic of China and in foreign countries and regions all over the world with a view to co-operatively promoting the mountaineering undertaking of mankind. Although Tibet Mountaineering Association has opened so far 22 peaks for expeditions and thinking of 3 more peaks opening above 6000 m. in the near future. However, out of these 22 mountaineering peaks opened so far. We have set our choice for the following peaks only since there are generally persuaded by foreign climbers and alpine clubs throughout the world.

» Everest Expedition

Everest(Tibet side)Tibet is one of the most popular areas for challenging adventure expeditions. Tibet mountains expedition offers outstanding high Himalayan views, beautiful landscape, flourishing valleys, ancient city, monasteries and palaces ........

» Cho Oyu Mountaineering Expd

Cho Oyu Expedition (Tibet side)Mount Cho Oyu expedition is an internationally very prominent mountain peak for climbing in the world. Mt. Cho Oyu 8201, is the sixth highest mountain peak out of 14th highest peaks and one of the most gorgeous mountains ........

» Shishapangma Mountaineering Expd

Tibet ExpeditionMt. Shishapangma 8046m is the fourteenth highest mountain in the world, the lowest of the 8000 meter peaks. Mount Shishapangma was first climbed by G.Band, Evans and J. Brown in 1955. Its Sanskrit name is ........

» Gurla Mandata Mountaineering Expd

Gurla Mandata ExpeditionGurla Mandhara was first climbed in 1985 by a Sino-Japanese expedition. This 7000er has been climbed only five times since the first ascent up until now. This is rather amazing given the fact that the mountain was attempted ........

» Kula Kangri Mountaineering Expd

Kula KangriMount Kula Kangri is the famous Mountain in Tibet and it is located between Tibet and Bhutan border and it is an attractive and stunningly beautiful peak for the climbing. It is opened for the expedition by the "Tibet-China ........

» Lhakpa-Ri Mountaineering Expd

Lhakpa-Ri ExpeditionLhakpa Ri is the easiest 7000 meter peak in the world, and it is located right next to Everest. The North Col on Everest is a spectacular location with incredible views and is located directly on the main climbing route for climbing ........

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