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Tibet Tour Package

Tibet Tour Package

Tibet is a place lonely from the rest of the world with the winding hills of the high plateau and the amazing Himalayas. Today in the age of information, people can easily get to the mysterious place with jet aircraft, highways, now even trains! Lhasa is the political and cultural capital of Tibet. Lhasa means in Tibetan "The land of gods". There are numerous scenic spots and historical sites in Lhasa.

Package tour in Tibet are organized jointly between ourselves and our agents in Tibet. Tibet Tour which require a return flight are handled solely by our agents in Tibet. Tibet Tour with an overland element to them will be accompanied by one of our team members from Kathmanu. All highlight places in Tibet will let you to enjoy both culture and marvelous natural scenery in the shorten time

» Kathmandu Lhasa Tour

Kathmandu Tibet Lhasa TourDuration: 08 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Moderate This is one of our most popular tours and provides a good overview of Tibet for those with limited time. We take the Friendship Highway between Kathmandu to Lhasa, along the way visiting such important sites as the Sakya Monastery, Shigatse, the Shalu Monastery and Gyantse.

» Kathmandu Lhasa Everest Base Camp Trip

Kathmandu Tibet Lhasa Everest Base Camp Duration: 10 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Moderate It is no more a difficult thing to travel in Tibet for any tourists. Tourist can take flight or train from many cities in China such as Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. For the moment, the most convenient places shall be Beijing and Chengdu.

» Explore Tibet Tour

Tibet Tour serviceDuration: 08 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy Start your journey to Tibet with a spectacular flight over the snow capped Himalayan mountains past Mt. Everest, Malaku and Kanchanjunga. In Lhasa visit the famous Potala and Norbulinkha palaces, the great Drepung Monastery, Jokhang Temple, and walk amongst the crowded Tibetan market

» Tibet Overland Tour

Tibet Overland PackageDuration: 10 Days | Activities: Tour | Grade: Easy Tibet Travelers who would like to make an overland journey to Lhasa and afterward would like to make indepenent activities can take the following tours which we have given in this section. Tibet Overland Tour is one of the most famous & adventure tour starting from Kathmandu travelling via Araniko Highway on drive to the Nepal

» Kailash Mansarovar Tour (15N/16D)

Kailash tour Mount Kailash, located in far west corner of Tibet it is the most sacred peak of Asia. The beauty of the 6700 meter high Mount Kailash, that looks like a symmetrical cone shaped rock capped by pure crystalline ice all the time ............

» Simikot Mount Kailash Lhasa Tour

» Simikot Mount Kailash Lhasa tour I n the far west of Tibet is Mt Kailash, the most sacred mountain in Asia, which is venerated by Buddhists, Hindus, Jains and the ancient Bon religion of Tibet. From it flow four great rivers - the Karnali, the Indus, the Sutlej and the............

» Simikot – Mount Kailash – Simikot trip

Simikot – Mount Kailash – Simikot TourMt. Kailash is a mysterious mountain for travelers. But for Buddhist, Hindus and Bonpo faithful it is the abode of God Shiva; it is their sacred land. Kailash peak and Manasarover Lake are situated at 4500 meter above sea level............

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